Big Sur Guide

by Pelican Network

Guide to all the wonders of the magnificent Big Sur coast.  


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Photos by Margie Whitnah and Jack Ellwanger

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Big Sur Lodge

Road log


Bixby Bridge

Point Lobos


Salinan Indians

Big Sur Story

Hwy 1 story

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Big Sur Wine Expedition

Big Sur Lodge

Getting Around Big Sur



Mission San Antonion

Old Coast Road



Big Sur campgrounds

Great variety of private and public campgrounds abound in Big Sur. Rustic and primitive sites in the back country, to convenient drive in sites with swimming and showers. Listed here North to South.

Big Sur Coast Trail

Big Sur's magnificent coast has long been part of a dream for a hiking trail. More than 30 years ago, the voters of California created the Coastal Act which specified a trail be created for people to learn and enjoy the California Coast.

Big Sur Condors

Carole and Phil, original PelicanNetwork members, are pioneers of the Friends of the Elephant Seal docent program, and authors of Elephant Seals.

These condors are part of the re-introduction program managed by the Ventana Wilderness Society

Bixby Bridge

The Bixby Creek Bridge of Highway 1 is California's favorite coastal bridge. The bridge is technically sound, but more than being thoughtfully planned and well constructed; it is socially purposeful and symbolically important to its travelers. Building the bridge and Highway 1 were important public works projects which brought relief to California's unemployed during the Great Depression, and which today connects travelers though this dramatic coastal region. -from the paper, On the Bridge, by Sean Vitousek

Big Sur Gallery

A big collection of natural highlights of Big Sur country. - with links to Pelican Network web pages.

Big Sur Coastal Trail Guide

Good trails and spectacular country. Wondrous scenery and amazing biodiversity in the Santa Lucia Mountains along the coast make Big Sur a treasure of nature.

Not as high, but steeper than the Sierra, and more diverse. Big Sur and the Ventana Wilderness offer challenges. The broad biodiversity, newborn geology, and the closeness of the ocean all combine to engage your senses in unexpected ways

Big Sur Lodge

Where Nature becomes part of you

Big Sur Lodge is a great place to stay for exploring and enjoying all the wild beauty and nature of the Central Coast.

Represented by PelicanNetwork - a cultural and natural history conservation advocacy

Big Sur Hikes

Point Lobos, Garrapata, Molera, Pfeiffer, Julia Pfeiffer Burns

Trail highlights, photos, maps and narratives.

Wondrous scenery and amazing bio diversity in the Santa Lucia Mountains along the coast make Big Sur a treasure of nature.

Now that you are here, let's hike!

Big Sur Road

Log for the whole coast road Carmel to San Simeon and San Simeon to Carmel

How to get to the Big Sur Lodge from the North and South of the most exciting and beautiful 90 highway miles in the world - California Highway One - Carmel to San Simeon or visa versa

More than 3 million visitors a year travel this road. This guide will show the highlights and mark the mileposts.

Big Sur Tours Day Trips in Nature and Culture

personally escorted interpretive from 3 hour natural and cultural hikes to 4 day Central Coast wine trips

Day Trips in Nature and Culture • Guided Coastal Hikes Overnight TourWine ExpeditionsWilderness & Cultural Tours


Big Sur Redwoods Preservation

Coastal Redwoods in their southern habitat are distinct and in dangerl. Evolving uniquely in rare geologic conditions, making a rainforest in what would be a desert, these redwoods have always had steep challenges. But now, because of poor forest management, they are deeply threatened by fire.

Big Sur Hotels and Inns

There are many great places to stay in Big Sur - we recommend the Big Sur Lodge as it is the best setting for hiking and the natural wonders of Big Sur, and it is the best value. But there are many other accommodations which are very gratifying places to stay.

Big Sur Indians in South Coast and San Antonio Valley

Salinans thrived in the San Antonio Valley. At the time of the Europeans arrival in 1769, there were about 3,000 Salinans living in San Antonio Valley. They conducted agriculture, traded commercially with coastal tribes and populations in the Central Valley.

big sur story Big Sur Story

Big Sur appears smooth, seductive. Yet seems forbidding, distant, and haunting.

Big Sur Introduction and Story

Don't bomb Big Sur - letters to the U.S. Navy - The Bib Sur Wall of Conscience

Getting Around Big Sur

Highway One in Big Sur story

This road exposes us to one of the world's boldest displays of nature, where the precocious Santa Lucia Mountains rise out of the Pacific Ocean.

"Here sea and land consorted, the seeping moisture in each fold of the mountain range emerged and slipped musically into the shifting continents of kelp. The conflict and change was a natural interplay in the balance of life. Then came the road."
Margaret Wentworth Owings

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Within the park are idyllic trails, waterfalls, underwater parks, historical gems, riparian hardwood forests, mystic redwood groves with ancient growth trees, and deliriously beautiful scenery.

Molera - Andrew Molera State Park

Molera State Park is a mostly wide open, wind-swept canvas where the Big Sur River runs wild to the sea.

Seven and a half square miles of wilderness, 21 miles south of Carmel, along the ocean, into the mountains, and complete with a wild and scenic river - Andrew Molera State Park is a great favorite for outdoor enthusiasts.

Point Lobos State Reserve

Its rare beauty and unique biology has made it a symbol of California Parks and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary